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"Wait Until I/We Leave/Chao Only They Build This!"
Saturday, August 11, 2007


        Have you ever gone back to your old school/college/university, after you've graduated, only to find that after you've left, the administration decided to turn the place into a palace? I'll bet if you did, you'll probably have uttered these words (or a variation of them),

"Wait until I/we leave/chao only they build this!"

        I was in Eng Teck's car with Han Yang, driving back from futsal in Klang, when, after dropping E-Guy off at home, we decided to pay our ol' SMKSJ a visit. So, after parking at the bus stop, we sauntered into the school, and were rather amazed at what we saw.

        It had been 4 years since we said goodbye to our schoolteachers, and walked out of gates for the final times as school students. During those days, we were pretty contented with the (physical) condition of our school, although, yes, we DID grumble about the field which flooded whenever it drizzled, about the canteen which served oh-so limited choices of food, about the classrooms which had potholes (yes, potholes) in the floor, and the toilets which should have been gazetted as national health hazards, but, nonetheless, life was pretty bliss. The basketball players had their basketball courts, the football players had their swimming pool field, and the sleepy students had their classrooms to sleep in. Whenever we had to go home during school hours, the brick wall around the school gave a very handy handhold to vault over (I've only done this once, but thats a different story altogether), and the bees that hung around the classrooms never really injured anyone.

        Now, however, it was like a different school had been dropped onto it. In the gaps where, formerly, there was only sand and dirt, now, little chalets had sprung up. There were garden benches with fountains around them, and I've never seen so many plants in a school before. The bathrooms had names, and we could smell the fragance from outside (no sarcasm here, it REALLY was fragrant.. rose or lavender of some sort). The building which always had a newly broken window every other day had become a computer lab. Even the footballl field looked greener.

They didn't have so many flowers back then..

A lot of my Interact events were here..

Alma Mater.. Now with flags everywhere..

Piece de Resistance.. Pipes with flowing water..

"Wait until I/we leave/chao only they build this!"

        I remember that I said exactly the same thing when I left Taylors, when the new computer labs were set up. When I go to Asia Cafe these days, I can see that they've torn down the Taylor's walls, and turned the college grounds into one large garden, where there are nice walkways and those garden benches again. It really looks great, and as Han Yang pointed out, it was a far cry from the 'gardens' in front of the SAM block where mosquitos gathered for lunch.

        We say 'lucky you' to the students who eventually get to enjoy the brand spanking new fountains and smell the blissfully fragrant urinals, all with a hint of envy (why didn't I get to smell fragrant urinals?).

        I bet, however, our seniors said exactly the same thing to us. Our predecessors probably had to do with a lot less than what we have now, as I recall what my brother said years ago, when he visited my school, during a Canteen Day. (yes, he too, studied in SMKSJ.. back then, it was just SMSJ) It was pretty barren last time, and apparently, the field didn't just flood, it was one of the spots considered for the opening of an AquaRia to house sperm whales. The classrooms weren't as cosy, and of course, they didn't have a hall to sleep in during assembly.

        I guess its just pure discontentment which leads us to always regret the fact that we left BEFORE the grand things were set up. Sad to say, it will always make us feel that we never got to enjoy the best that the school/college/university had to offer, and leave us wondering what we missed.

        The bright side for me, however, is the fact that I enjoyed those places as THEY WERE. My memories of school were of my friends, and the fun we had, not of buildings and trees. Yes, I DO remember the potholes in class which I've fallen into dozens of times, but every little thing, good or bad, formed a mental picture of school. In college, I remember being hounded by mosquitos in the SAM gardens, but I also remember 8 guys who tried to commit suicide by eating 8 large Domino's pizzas...

        ...and in university, I remember the lake which had murky brown water that we weren't supposed to swim in, but I also remember asking Joyce an important question there, the answer to which made me a very happy guy indeed..

        Its important to enjoy what we have now, and honestly, I'm rather satisfied with the facilities and amenities provided in uni. Sure, maybe they'll build an air-conditioned walkway around the campus, or put dolphins in the lake the moment I leave, but for now, I'm happy laughing at the red telephone booth and poking 1 of the 8 ducks they have wandering around.

       I guess I'm a simple type of guy.

Posted at 11:43 pm by IsaacCheah

Soon Seng
August 16, 2007   12:29 AM PDT
Fleur: Hey there! Yah, thats why.. actually, I kinda miss the coffeeshop..the food there was quite good (and cheap)
August 13, 2007   11:38 PM PDT
Like the coffeeshop they turned into a STARBUCKS the Moment we left!!!!

hehe.. n yalah.. the walkway dam nice now.. got fountain summore! =/

oh well.. atleast i think we had Better food! =P In Cafe n Melur n all.. :p
Soon Seng
August 13, 2007   10:24 PM PDT
Yenli: You actually have to stay a bit still.. then they'll think you're food or something.. then when they come waddling back.. you quickly poke them..

Joyce: Hmm.. I'll go look around for fresh milk. Maybe try that type Yenli got last time..
August 13, 2007   09:53 PM PDT
Eric: hehe...according to Isaac, he IS cutting down on his coffee.

Soon: tea is not that good either ler...still got caffeine. Drink more milk! :P

ky: Neither can I...maybe they are all females, thats why they're not attracted to us. =(
Soon Seng
August 13, 2007   09:24 PM PDT
Joyce: Yala.. I had to go ask administration before I finally admitted they were NOT geese.. hehe..

Eric: Oh, and actually, I AM cutting down on my coffee. I drink more tea now, actually..
August 13, 2007   04:14 AM PDT
i can't even go near the ducks! we are like magnets with same sides.
eric thor
August 13, 2007   01:24 AM PDT
Isaac: I know the question lar. Just pulling your leg

Joyce: But you SHOULD cut his coffee supply. Not good for him. He drinks too much. hehe
August 12, 2007   07:56 PM PDT
you forgot to mention bout how long it took you to finally admit that those in the lake are ducks.. :P

Eric: haha...he can have coffee anytime one need to ask me one what.
Soon Seng
August 12, 2007   07:20 PM PDT
1. Most of my articles are normally short reports on events, or random observations.. Posts that are slightly longer than normal, or those which have my opinion in them, and those that I think I might want to read for myself again in the future, is a feature article..
2. Yes, with a finger. The ducks don't really run that fast..
3. Nope, thats not it.. Guess again!
eric thor
August 12, 2007   08:20 AM PDT
I got a few questions:
1. What makes an article a "feature article"?
2. You poke 1 of the 8 ducks? with what? Your finger?
3. The question that you asked Joyce which answer she gave that made you happy; is it "can I have coffee now?"

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