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"The End of It All" : Saying Goodbye to Semenyih
Sunday, May 18, 2008

 Well, this is it. Uni life, as I've known it for the past 3 years, has come to a rather abrupt end. It didn't seem too daunting when we were all running around trying to cram information into our brains during the final year exams, but now that its over, it has suddenly become all too obvious that we're done for.

Finito. The End. Fin.

        We've always been reassured (since primary school), that once the year ends, we can say, "Hey, see you next year!", and shortly after that, be reunited with our friends and loved ones in a friendly and common setting. We could always refer to each other as schoolmate, uni-mate, college-classmate, and so forth, feeling united in a common goal. We had always the chance to cycle, walk, drive, or just pick up the phone to see or talk to each other, as a friend in need, or simply for fun.

        And that too, has come to an end, as all good things must.

        At this point in time, its nice to think back on all those times, and what we went through for the past 3 years. Memory lane is always brighter with a few photos.

It all began in 2005, with a batch of very fresh college-leavers, and an extremely clean (and bare) apartment. The notorious apartment block in Redang Hall that could never be locked properly ever since some joker tore off the doorknob would eventually become the gathering place for the Taylors College Leavers community, and hence became known as Taylors Community Centre (or TCC, for short)

Indeed, the first year was rather relaxed, and we had ample time to do charity work in all forms (including leaving worms in the freezer), as well as indulge in a variety of sports. The kitchen utensils inevitably ended up in our apartment.

It wasn't long before we got visits from outsiders, and I can clearly recall Sue Ann stopping by for a sleepover, just before the Christmas party organized by Pin Pin's gang of fellows. That would be my first time meeting the people who would eventually become my Squash Club Committee, Vincent, Choong Hoe, and Yie Jie.

Roughly in the middle of the year, we went as a group to Passion, right after the historical (first) win of the Chem Eng basketball team.That was also about the same time that Chocolate Sundae and the Squash Club was born.

So we celebrated Lauren's birthday, and entered the Unim Idol Finals at about the same time. It was also then that I paid Joyce one of the first few visits to Seremban, and took part in a Drag Queen show. Not one of the high points in my life.

Our first Annual  Dinner saw Chocolate Sundae crowned Unim Idols (till this day, I can't understand why we won, other than having very loud and supportive friends), and also managed to get all of us into our best attire. Our TCC was first introduced to Sue Ann during her dinner gathering at Luna Bar.

There was an abundance of performances by Chocolate Sundae after that, and also we bid farewell to half of our gang who travelled to the UK.

We managed to entertain ourselves pretty well, with numerous weird events, and plenty of photo-taking sessions, in all kinds of places.

Near the end of the year was a period where I spent a fair amount of time celebrating anniversaries and such.

It was also about this time that I got to know Li-Lynn and Chui San better, with an inordinate amount of lame jokes, and nightly walks around the area. I had a surprise birthday party, which I managed to suspect due to the very suspicious Joshua and Kohilan.

More travelling about, this time, with Wei Xian and Yenli whom I brought to PD. It was a time of temple-visiting, getting to know new friends, and cutting more cakes.

Killing snakes was the hot topic at the time, as well as Chocolate Sundae's performance for royalty (yes, one of the band's higher points). Yee sang and trips to the waterfall also had its fair share of coverage (and I got a random frog from Sue Ann as well)

Yenli's birthday brought us all to Maison's, and Weng Lum's SIFE fashion show saw us in Zouk. Definitely clubbing month. Kohilan and Joshua just enjoyed life, and I volunteered to serve during the Nottingham Open Day, with Shanti.

Jeannie the Guinea Pig came into our lives, and we had all kinds of sports activities, with Sports Week and Squash Tournaments in abundance. CIMA almost managed to kill Joshua, or at least scar him for life.

Again, it came to the end of the (academic) year, and it was around here that we went for trips to the market, stayed back in Semenyih, and ate fried fish.

The new (academic) year came, and along with it, the jokers from UK. We had an extremely fun time catching up, which was punctuated with Lauren's spectacular drive into the longkang.

I got to spend more time with Yenli and Lauren, when we started taking part in ACE Club activities. Ok, only one activity.

In mid-academic year, we began to bond even better, with the help of birthday parties, and temple visits (with magic shows). I brought Joyce to the Eye on Malaysia, and the KL Tower for her 21st birthday, an event which ended with a fountain presentation.

After the end of the exams, we started hanging out again, with singing sessions, rock-climbing, and various other forms of entertainment. It was simply a way to savour the final moments before the finals killed us, in May.

True enough, the amount of birthday parties celebrated increased.

Some of us went up to Genting, which was followed by several rounds of Chinese New Year-based activities.

As the last few months began to pass by, however, we noticed that the gatherings were becoming more frequent, and more people started to attend...

Yenli took part (and to us, won) the Ms. Nottingham Finals, along with Eelaine Boo, and I got the pleasure of meeting with new friends, after helping Jeannie out with her stint. I also managed to be there with Pin Pin and Qian Hui when Pin had her hand treated for a bee sting. Quite kesian.

More makan events.

As the year drew to an end, we started hanging out more with a different bunch of friends, perhaps to (subconciously) express our thanks for three years of friendship...

...and, to end things with a bang, we had our Final Annual Dinner, Final TCC Dinner, Final Breakfast Gang dinner, all of which smacked of finality.

        And so, what now?

Yes, we won't have any more laptop - staring - at sessions...

We won't have our favourite memorabilia to look at...

We won't have any more of those exotic wildlife to gawk at...

And yes, we won't have any more buildings to study in...

        ... but though we may miss those very much, I think we'll miss each other even more.

        These photos are barely the tip of the iceberg for the amount of pictures we took, but it does remind us of a whole lot of memories. Ups and downs, true, but eventful, nonetheless. 

        Thank you, all of you, for a fantastic 3 years.

"Once in TCC, always in TCC..."
- Soon Seng, 2006

        God bless all of you.

Posted at 10:55 pm by IsaacCheah

June 28, 2009   04:02 AM PDT
Told you the guinea pig should be spelt with a 'G'

So, Geannie the Guinea pig :P
Soon Seng
May 23, 2008   12:26 PM PDT
Spookie: haha.. very well said.. and may there always be a Meidi-Ya whereever you go...

Joyce: You're right! ok, so not everyone is from Taylors.. =)

Shanti: Hey! you're not getting rid of me so easily.. I still have stuff to give/take to/from you! and coffee to drink, of course..

Eelaine: That was Eng Teck the Cat.. It was actually drinking.. Sigh..we loved that cat. We even brought it to the waterfalls.

Sue Ann: Yup. Will definitely miss everyone over there too.. heres to a new life *toast*

William: HellO, and welcome!! Haha.. actually, we really had a guinea pig that we named Jeannie.. it was really a coincidence that I also had a friend named Jeannie (the human).. haha.. Well, I plan to work as soon as I can, so that can see the money coming in... =)

sue ann
May 19, 2008   02:07 AM PDT
:( I'll be missing all of you:( sniffers.
on the otherhand,lets rock on redang trip man:) woooooooooooots!
Eelaine Boo
May 19, 2008   01:41 AM PDT
The kitty cat the kitty cat! Haha so cute what was it doing? Drinking water???? Or washing it's face?
May 19, 2008   01:38 AM PDT
Spookie's comment is as if he's running for elections and giving his speech! =p

Mr. Cheah, well written entry! will miss u... i'm not gonna' bug ur life nw that i've left (as promised) plus, it's nw up to u whether u wanna KIT ;) muahaha... i knw i will and I am able to! =P

Joyce, nice meeting u and getting to know u! all the best babe in all u do... take care of urself! :)
May 19, 2008   01:23 AM PDT
I realised d!!!! Siok Kin and Joey not from Taylor's!!! Hah so I'm not wrong about 'not everyone was from taylor's' statement.
May 19, 2008   12:11 AM PDT
it is a really great time to get to know all of you... whateva happens in between us.. TCC is still a tool to bond us together... wish u guys all da best in your future.. thanks for giving such great memories!! Selemat Berjaya!!

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