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Nuffnang/Nokia Silent Halloween - A Horror Story of Vampires, Zombies, and Milk Cartons...
Friday, November 07, 2008

      The authorities had recently heard news that there was a purported gathering of sinister creatures, masquerading as bloggers, in the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur, in the very heart of the city. As a man of the cloth (read: priest) I was sent to investigate, and record evidence of this event, dubbed the Nuffnang/Nokia Silent Halloween Party. Here is my account of the proceedings.

     "...the light was already fading when I approached the Borneo Baruk Club, the shadows deepening and lengthening. Even as my car pulled into the parking lot, I caught a glimpse of the odd looking fellow who looked like a
Chinese Dr. Evil (holding a doll), and I knew that it was definitely going to be a spooky evening. At the registration booth, the 3 Powerpuff Girls looked innocent enough, but it was the other guests that raised my hackles. There were strange creatures walking around, as well as an assortment of gruesome monsters. Having completed the registration, I walked around to grab some photographic evidence of paranormal beings (and camwhore at the same time).

KL city turns dark and mysterious as night falls...

...I knew the night would be spooky the moment I saw

Innocent Powerpuff Girls? Or something more sinister?

Angel of Death (note the pretty wings..)

  It was during the incessant photo-snapping that I saw her.

Her dark eyes met mine from across the corridor, sending little shivers up my spine. It looked like she was supposed to be a nurse, albeit, a rather slutty one, complete with a cap and stethoscope. Although we were standing rather far apart, I could sense malicious glee emanating from her every pore. I couldn't put my finger on it, but there seemed to be something rather strange about her facial complexion.
Shuddering, I scurried away from her sinister stare.

The doorway to Hell (and a free flow of soft drinks)

     Entering the club, I was horrified at the sheer number of macabre guests that were present. Everywhere I turned, I could see dismembered zombies, dead celebrities, and an orang utan. It was literally a scene straight from Hell (if Hell had orang utans..) and I was right smack in the middle of it. To my surprise, Hell didn't only comprise of ugly and disfigured horrors. Walking around the dimly lit club were ladies of unnatural beauty and grace. Begone, ye temptresses! I uttered to them. Alas, it was to no avail, as I succumbed to posing for photos with the stunning sirens, a deliriously happy grin on my face. So much for resisting temptation.

Parui Hilton and the Undead King of Rock n' Roll.

Even a holy man's resistance to sin is tested when standing next to
Marilyn Monringo and Samantha, the Kinky French Maid.


Kate the Seductive French Maid holding a balloon.

Dr. Blackjack a.k.a. Simon and Samantha the Kinky French Maid

Debra the Cheerleader, Cleopatra, and an Angel.

Sensual Asian Vampiress (fan included)

Undead Ninja Gareth.

Celine the Minimum-my

Kenny Sia masquerading as Michael Jackson Struck by Lightning.

The rare and terrifying
Orang Utan.

     The night began with the creepy version of Elvis calling out for all the ghoulies to gather stageside. I shuffled along to listen to Kurt Cobain (the Chinese version) give the opening speech, followed by the introduction of Alaling and the Kaya Kok, the opening band of the night. After the band had belted out their energetic tunes, the Undead Elvis Liang began the first round of games, where selected members of the audience had to gather their own coven of specified ghoulies within a short time frame. As everyone gleefully rushed about, again, I caught the eye of the slutty nurse. Not wanting to stare too long into those strangely compelling yet frightening visage, I moved about the crowd, pausing every now and then to take a snapshot of/with the various horrors present.

(The Chinese) Kurt Cobain rises from the dead to thank Nokia and Nuffnang.

The King of Rock n' Roll starting with the games.

Alaliang and the Kaya Kok serenading a crowd of ghoulies.

Strange and frightening creatures like milk cartons were seen during the event.

Twin dead sisters... in school uniforms?

As I was taking a photo with Sue, I began to have a strange feeling that the scary nurse was following me.


At this point, I had taken enough photos to compile a quick folder of the paranormal entities that wandered around the club that night. Click on the arrow to view the gallery!

     The next hip hop band got the crowd to start shuffling their feet to the infectious beat, and before long, a big portion of the crowd lost their initial sluggishness. I quickly grew hungry, and went out to look at the food line, half-expecting to see messy bits of brain or whatever else zombies feasted on. I was slightly disappointed when it turned to be all-too-normal (human) fare, complete with soft drinks.

Expecting to see eyeballs? Nah, only taufoo.

Tissue paper galore. The teams had to wrap as many mummies as they could using a limited amount of time and tissue paper.

     After the food, it was soon back to the games, which involved a lot of tissue paper and running about trying to pop other people's balloons. With ferocious snarls, the assorted ghouls viciously pounced on any balloon which floated nearby, tearing it to small pieces. After several minutes of mad rushing and poking, the crowd cheered loudly at the announcement of the next competition - Best Halloween Costume. In short order, the finalists were asked to parade themselves on stage, flamboyantly catching the eye of the judges. But all the clamor died down as the most anticipated ceremony of the night began - The Silent Halloween Dance.

The Silent Dance, ala Blair Witch Project - Spot Yourself!
 When I first heard about the ritual, I was morbidly curious about how it would be done. The dance began, and the eerily quiet crowd of otherworldly dancers began to sway and gyrate to a tune only they could hear. Mere words cannot describe the thrilling and spooky atmosphere which permeated the dance floor, so I quickly whipped out my trusty ol' camera, and set it to record. As I weaved in and out of the mass, I spotted, from the corner of my eye, the slutty nurse slowly dancing her way towards me. Feeling goosebumps rise on my skin, I quickly backed away and retreated to a safe corner of the hall.

What did she want with me? I began to feel panicky.

For some obscure reason, the Demonic Nurse was intent on sending shivers down my spine.

The ritual involved downloading songs into a mobile device, plugging the earphones into your ears, and dancing away to music that nobody heard.

The Angel of Death performed the ritual so well that she won a phone. Congrats!

     After the dance had died down, our dear Undead Elvis made his way back to the stage, and began the prize presentation ceremony. One by one, the individuals stepped up to receive their due acclaim, for the various categories in which they competed. The good people from Nokia were there to hand out the cool new XpressMusic phones and goodie bags to the winners, who were all but cackling in glee to receive them.

The winners of the Best Dressed Event were Parui Hilton and
David Jones, the Skeleton Pirate.

Angels and Devils in the form of Nuffies at hand to give away prizes.

Parui Hilton, Desperate Housewive, and Slutty Nurse

     I barely heard the announcements, though, as I was scrambling to get away from the intense gaze of the creepy nurse who was already up on stage to receive her prize. I tried to shake off the feelings of dread that began to creep up my spine by taking photos with the other guests, but somehow, she was never really far from my side. Wherever I turned, she was there, grinning evilly at me, and in every picture I took, she seemed to be in it as well.

Father Johnny Ong; even garlic cannot repel the Demonic Nurse.

Ayumi Hamasaki, Kurt Cobain with Black Hair... and the Demonic Nurse.

David Jones,
The Wife of David Jones... and the creepy Demonic Nurse.

Sherrymint... and the creepy Demonic nurse yet again.

     I began to break out in cold sweat. The emcee called the evening to an end by thanking the good people from Nokia, and congratulating the team from Nuffnang for a job wonderfully done, but I could hardly hear any of it, hastily making my way out of the club before the ghostly nurse could get hold of me. Once outside, I could see that the fiendish ghouls were not yet done with their play, as they decided to terrorize the horrified motorists by walking back and forth along the street. Scurrying to my car, I was thankful that none of them were paying attention, lest they decided to follow me back to haunt me. As I approached my car in the silent basement parking, I glanced around to see if the nurse had followed behind. With no one in sight, I hurriedly entered the car, all the while feeling as if she was right behind me, watching with those demonic eyes.

Jenkin - On terrorizing the people of Kuala Lumpur.

Even though I couldn't see anyone in the basement parking, my priestly senses told me that something evil was lurking just around the corner.

     After having sped through the quiet city streets, I finally reached home. With a sigh of relief, I carefully locked all the doors behind me, and proceeded to my laptop, to document what I saw that evening. What a night! The people at Nuffnang and Nokia had just hosted an immensely fun event without the slightest hitch! I had seen things that no sane human should have seen, and rubbed shoulders with the deadliest, most gruesome monsters one could imagine, and still lived to tell the tale!

     The only disturbing and potentially fatal encounter was with that nurse, but I had managed to evade her hell-bent attempts to haunt me. Chuckling to myself as I began uploading the pictures to Facebook, I sat comfortable in the knowledge that I had nothing more to fear from that evil entity."

For a chockful of photos from this event, please click
here to see the Facebook album.

Posted at 03:36 am by IsaacCheah

Soon Seng
November 10, 2008   10:22 PM PST
Chris Tock: hoho! it was nice meeting you too! I almost went as the Phantom too, actually.. yep, should call the joker out, one of these days..

Yatz: thank you, thank you.. *bow*... I hope you enjoyed the read... =)

Kel Li: haha.. I thought of the end first before I started writing the beginning..

Samantha: Hello there, Samantha.. =) Yes, that expression is priceless.. Were you shocked/happy/ecstatic? oh, and it was supposed to be a priest costume, but most people also mistook it for some Asian character. Haih.
Samantha Poh
November 10, 2008   01:48 PM PST
hie soon seng LOL

good choice of photo u have there of me and simon. woT a candid expression LOL *jaw drops* nice seeing u and ur very japanese male sch uniform sort of outfit at the party LoL. it's anime right?
Soon Seng
November 9, 2008   10:47 PM PST
Yenli: Ya wei... haha.. looked like she'd just eaten someone alive..

Ruionkoh: Hoho, thank you, thank you! I like writing stories.. Long winded one, summore...

Nigel: That sounds like something from Warcraft.. but thanks! haha.. Its gonna be tough, though..

Sue: Terima kasih! haha.. must be your good angle in the photo.. *grin*
sue me
November 9, 2008   02:06 PM PST
Awesome post totally cool wei..and im so cute!! HAHAHAHA..
November 9, 2008   01:14 PM PST
For the win!

Ruionkoh aka parui
November 9, 2008   02:56 AM PST
woah bro respect. fantastic post. with my poor command of language, I needed to help me udnerstand the whole post haha T.T seriously can see the amount of effort you put in for this post haha bravo!
November 9, 2008   02:41 AM PST
yes yes you must win! love the last picture wei lol
the minimum-my's makeup quite real also..
Soon Seng
November 8, 2008   02:10 PM PST
Jolyn: Hey there! haha.. I only recognized you later in the evening, not when I took the photo with you.. keke.. your costume too geng adee..

Lauren: Tsk tsk tsk. Noler, not dead yet. Faster get married ler, then I can go off faster also.. =)

Li Ping: The milk carton very cool! Yup, Jolene's makeup was fantastic! semangat-ed. I was supposed to be a vampire, then realize fangs very hard to use, so became priest. *grin*

Joyce: Haha.. a lot of the costumes were very realistic.. Very semangat lor, they all...

Jolene: That goes to show the power of your makeup.. Haha..
There are so many good posts out there, sure dem hard to win.. argh!

November 8, 2008   01:41 AM PST
Did you take that picture with Jolene or was it photoshopped?? neways damn chun wei..hahaha...i confirm cannot sleep one if i went for that halloween night thingy...
November 7, 2008   11:05 PM PST
ey ey , just now i din click on the last pic. click already more scary deii! but you're not dead RIGHTTTT???
cause you MUST come for my wedding remember remember? haha
November 7, 2008   11:01 PM PST
the last pic of you quite scary dei, more scary than the demotic nurse at the carpark.
JOLYN the twin dead sister
November 7, 2008   10:02 PM PST
tudia.. cunted post u got here... ow yea...during the party, i didnt know ur soon seng.. ehehe... nice meeting yea... ^^

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