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2009 and Beyond... As Predicted by Joey Yap
Wednesday, January 28, 2009

     It was raining cats and dogs when I stepped into the covered awning of The Gardens' office suites. Sharmila, from The Star, was already there, patiently waiting for me to arrive through the evening after-work bustle. About a week back, Jolene had kindly asked if there was anyone interested in taking part in an article about fortune telling. A quick "Sounds interesting.. hehe" on my part, and voila! I was in the Midvalley to meet Joey Yap, Feng Shui extraodinaire and Chinese Astrology consultant. The words "Mastery Academy of Metaphysics" were emblazoned right across the door, with the appropriate mysterious signs.

     Now, I personally do not put much stock in fortune telling. Be it reading stars, fondling sheeps intestines, or peering at tea leaves, I've always been pretty skeptical about efforts to determine one's future. Nonetheless, I was academically rather interested to see what it was all about, and to put a voice to the name that all the superstitious aunties know by heart.

Courtesy of TheStar, January 26th, StarTwo

     The first thing that Joey asked when I entered the room was, "Have you ever had a reading before?" A quick "no", and out came the BaZi chart. I didn't really manage to see what was on it, except my name (which was spelled Soong Seng..hmm) and my date of birth. Glancing at the chart, he immediately listed out my future, which I've categorized into point form, and into 2 columns, Good and Bad.

Good (this is what you see in the newspaper article)
- I have the same Water Element as billionare Warren Buffet, and I would do well to emulate his style of wealth accumulation, which could potentially turn me into a millionare as well.
- 2013 is a good year to get into a business partnership.
- I would be changing jobs or departments this year.
- I should get married by the age of 31.
- I would do well in seminars and such.
- I would earn money, and come back home to build buildings and support the family
- I would travel far, and away from family

Bad (this is what you DON'T see in the newspaper article)
- I have a contaminated Earth element, and as such, should look out for stomach cancer by the age of 51.
- 2009 would be a stressful year.
- Unfortunately, he couldn't pinpoint my exact time of death, as he didn't know my exact time of birth (neither do I, for that matter).

     Now, what do I think of all this, you may ask? Well, again, I reiterate the fact that I don't put much store in readings. However, some of the points above are just reminders of good common sense. To accumulate my wealth, I should start early (indeed). To prevent stomach cancer, I should be careful about my diet (again, thats good advice). So on, and so forth.

     So, at the end of the day, no, I still do not believe in Numerology, Astrology, and all the logys that deal with predictions, and put my faith in a God that has a destiny for me. Having said that, the good points listed above ARE good goals, and I guess that in a way, its a form of encouragement to be the best person one can be.

     Being certified a potential millionare by a Feng Shui master isn't too bad for the harga saham (market value) either. Hoho.

Posted at 10:41 pm by IsaacCheah

Simon Seow
February 13, 2009   09:22 PM PST
Bloody hell you got a free reading from Joey Yap. I have to pay RM 150 for an online report leh.
eric thor
February 5, 2009   06:37 AM PST
cuz.... reduce the coffee, drink more fruit juice instead.....

and I have to agree.... 27 sounds better..... hahaha
Soon Seng
February 2, 2009   12:13 AM PST
Jolene: Yeah, and its all thanks to you!! haha.. I owe you a drink or some such.. =)

I think I need more spinach. Or Brussel Sprouts... haha..

Aha! Mine's capped at 31, which is a year earlier than CK's! 29 is probably a nice number, hoho
Soon Seng
February 1, 2009   09:30 AM PST
Lauren: you want me to get married so that you can come to my wedding and collect angpau, right? Haha..
Nola, it doesn't make you aunty, i know its because you're concerned.. :) *wink*
oh, and thanks for the duck ya. You dem funny
February 1, 2009   07:17 AM PST
eh i support joyce. get married at 27!! then can get rich faster =)
i got millionaire friend weiiii, *proud* and please drink less coffee and sleep more!! i feel damn auntie wei, always tell u the same thing. haha. but i still tak puas-puas wanna remind u =P
Soon Seng
January 30, 2009   11:23 PM PST
Joyce: Aha! Does that mean I can go find other girls!!!
Most likely we'll compromise and settle for 29...haha
January 30, 2009   09:39 PM PST
Woi!!! 27 la!! hahahahaa.
or find other girl if you want to get married at 31. :PPPPPPP
Soon Seng
January 30, 2009   10:01 AM PST
BLue: tak lama ah, only 8 years! :) okla, maybe a bit earlier also can.. When is your ideal marrying age?
Soon Seng
January 29, 2009   11:40 PM PST
Joyce: Haha.. don't worry, only the superstitious aunties will be interested... =)

Christopher: Hello there! Yes, your honesty is refreshing *grin* I'm nowhere near being a millionaire though, so you'll have to wait...

Thejuggernaut: Good day! What business plans, ya? sounds interestingly mysterious...

Elizabeth: Whoa there! There are no little people lar.. haha.. besides, I'm not there yet.. =) Joyce only need to worry about the aunties..
January 29, 2009   09:15 AM PST
Woah! Don't forget the little ppl who know you when you become a multi-millionaire! Hmm Joyce getting worried already faster propose lol. Anyway Gong Xi Fa Cai!!
January 29, 2009   01:58 AM PST
heheh .. wanna be my business partner? got a few ideas here .... :) we will see in a couple of years :)
January 28, 2009   11:40 PM PST
hoho! millionaire sial... harga saham naik kau kau!!! my competitors increasing exponentially d, all berebut-rebut want to b ur wife hahahahaha

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