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The Conquest of Bukit Broga...
Tuesday, March 10, 2009

      At the ungodly hour of 4a.m., 4 spirited but slightly drowsy people left Subang, all fired up about climbing Bukit Broga. I had only slept for 3 hours in the past 2 days, and had another ACCA session right session right after the climb, which made me contemplate about the wisdom of the whole event. Nonetheless, when everyone piled into my car (and promptly fell asleep), I left my second-guessing aside, and concentrated on not driving into a monsoon drain.

Sleeping Beauties.

     It was a quick trip to Semenyih (a blink of an eye, for the sleeping passengers), and we stopped by 7-11, to stock up on provisions. Drinks and snacks in hand, we resumed our journey back to the campus, and met up with the rest of the gang. LiPingandYijin had been slightly deviated from the correct road (they ended up in Kajang), and we decided to wait a bit before making our way to the starting of the path, in Broga.

Your friendly neighbourhood convenience store.

Vern Li was excited about buying batteries.

Its always good to eat before exercising/climbing.

The spooky Broga road.

     Finally, LiPingandYijin trundled up the horribly bumpy road (referred to as the 'disco road' by Vern Li), and the hike was underway. Being as dark is it was, the lights from our torches only served to emphasize the spookiness of the place, and all the stories about ghoulies lurking in the woods came vividly to mind. (One incident comes to mind. When we walked in, there was a well on my right. When we came out again, using the same path, the well was still on my right. Strange.)

Forest catwalk.

After applying mosquito repellent.

Blair Witch Project Malaysia.

Yenli offering a rope for Keiron to hang himself.

     It was a relatively short hike, although I admit I was pretty winded by the time we reached the lower peak (all thanks to my sedentary lifestyle and lack of rest). It was STILL ptich black, but everyone began breaking out the food, and those with cameras started setting up tripods and adjusting their settings in preparation for the imminent sunrise.

Plopping down on convenient stones that served as seats.


A town at the base of the hill. Semenyih town?

Keiron, Chong Kitt, Vern Li, and Yen.

I asked Li Ping to sit still for 20 seconds for this picture (taken in pitch black darkness), and she managed to do it! Vern Li, however, couldn't resist looking at lengjais' elsewhere.

KC's camera on a tripod.

Emo/artistic picture of the ladies.

Emo/artistic picture of the ladies (bluish shade).

I'm not very sure what Keiron was going to do, here, and I'm not very sure if I want to know.

Before long, other hikers came popping up the side of the hill, and the small plateau was bustling with activity.

The lalang (which Yenli said could not be found in Malaysia) was supposed to be in focus.

LiPingandYijin moving about in tandem, while Yenli tries to  shoo away the mist.

     Just as the sun was about to climb over the peaks of the hills, clouds came rolling over our plateau, and started dropping rain on us. Quickly realizing that it wouldn't be too great an idea to be caught on the top of a hill while it was raining, we set to with a gusto, and hastily scrambled down the side.

LiPingandYijin made great progress, because they had the Power of Love.

10 steps down, the hill, the rain stopped.

Keiron and Li Ann against a field of Malaysian lalang that cannot be found in Malaysia.

Keiron tasting the air to see if it would continue raining.

Kwo Kuang found a raincoat to protect his equipment (camera).

Li Ann reminded me of an energetic squirrel, the way she literally ran up (and down) the side of the hill.

Kwo Kuang, the Hunchback of Bukit Broga.

Vern Li, despite several dramatic slips, still took it like a trooper, and bravely slid down the bottom portion of the hill.

A Walk To Remember.

Compulsory Group Photo (spoiled by the mist that suddenly came creeping along)

     Yes, despite the fact that I was half dead from being tired, and fully dead after the proceeding ACCA session and dinner + movie, it was undoubtedly the most fun I've had in some time.

     I'll have to come up here more often.


Posted at 09:39 pm by IsaacCheah

March 27, 2009   09:22 PM PDT
wow ~~ broGa hill ~!! damn nice wei the view :P
March 12, 2009   02:33 AM PDT
ya...i know sleeping also nice..but i want to go hiking osooooooo...lets climb the hill near my house k k k?? :P
Soon Seng
March 11, 2009   10:22 PM PDT
anonKYmous: Ya wei... despite the crazy little sleep that I got.. it was still fun.. =)

Joyce: Hiking quite nice. Sleeping also nice. =)

Li-Ann: Next week, as in, not THIS Saturday? haha.. semangat..
March 11, 2009   10:23 AM PDT
next week next week... XD
March 11, 2009   02:38 AM PDT
so fun!! me want go hiking too!!
March 10, 2009   11:33 PM PDT
salah salah. lp&yj came from kajang! so they were just rounding kajang to be exact ngeks.

7-11 picture quite cool. it's like one person to a frame.

forest catwalk: looks like yj is trying to protect lp from some hungry werewolves.

in conclusion, it was so much fun :DDDDD

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