Watching Puteri Gunung Ledang @ Istana Budaya, KL...(The English Variant)
Monday, February 23, 2009

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October 16, 2012   03:47 AM PDT
Beautiful!!! You truly have an eye for colour. ,286711,
March 3, 2009   05:35 PM PST
gee thanks for editing my pic in this post but not the previous one!

haha jk i dont mind really everyone already calls me babi afterall.
Soon Seng
February 25, 2009   08:57 PM PST
Mayz: hey there! haha.. it was good, right? =) I was extremely proud, actually.. for a local production and all... You didn't get to see the encore? It was great! can really fell the semangat.. How much was the tshirt?

And i wonder whats the next play thats going to be showing...hmm...
February 25, 2009   06:46 PM PST
Hey hey. I was there (PGL The Musical Season 3's) on Feb 13th! Great show. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Feel very patriotic and am very touched at some scenes i even teared! Yes, i know, i'm dramatic. Haha... You went for the encore show on 22nd Feb right? So nice, get to see the actors. I didn't get such chance :( But did went home with a PGL T-Shirt. Couldn't resist although disturbingly overpriced!

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