The Conquest of Bukit Broga...
Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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August 5, 2011   02:53 PM PDT
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March 27, 2009   09:22 PM PDT
wow ~~ broGa hill ~!! damn nice wei the view :P
March 14, 2009   08:13 PM PDT
haha we started off from kajang, got to the highway and ended back in kajang wth... sorry lar i dunno how to spell ur uni's name thus rendering gps redundant.

yes yes lets find some other easy hill to climb! no khor yenli i'm not going up kk.
March 12, 2009   02:33 AM PDT
ya...i know sleeping also nice..but i want to go hiking osooooooo...lets climb the hill near my house k k k?? :P
Soon Seng
March 11, 2009   10:22 PM PDT
anonKYmous: Ya wei... despite the crazy little sleep that I got.. it was still fun.. =)

Joyce: Hiking quite nice. Sleeping also nice. =)

Li-Ann: Next week, as in, not THIS Saturday? haha.. semangat..
March 11, 2009   10:23 AM PDT
next week next week... XD
March 11, 2009   02:38 AM PDT
so fun!! me want go hiking too!!
March 10, 2009   11:33 PM PDT
salah salah. lp&yj came from kajang! so they were just rounding kajang to be exact ngeks.

7-11 picture quite cool. it's like one person to a frame.

forest catwalk: looks like yj is trying to protect lp from some hungry werewolves.

in conclusion, it was so much fun :DDDDD

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