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Thursday, November 19, 2009

soon seng
November 27, 2009   09:44 AM PST
liping: don't they walk like robots? the one i saw didn't really walk, it just stood there and wagged its tail.

French Welsh Corgis are the best. Very sophisticated wan.
November 26, 2009   06:13 AM PST
wthhhh if they dun have knees they would have to walk like robots leh! oh i used to spend hours watching animal planet lol. plus i met 2 corgis while i was in france ma...
soon seng
November 24, 2009   10:48 PM PST
liping: this was at Alexis, Ampang. Brilliant place! the music, food, everything.

wah, you really do your research. Do they have knees? their legs are so short.
November 24, 2009   08:41 AM PST
where was this at?

corgi damn cute lar haiyo, but i've nv seen one in msia... i think they're quite prone to knee problems tho lol!
soon seng
November 20, 2009   10:59 PM PST
Queen of Books & Good Food and Nicole: Ok, maybe I'm not THAT bad... haha.. At least you girls didn't keel over from boredom, so I'll take that as a good sign.

Welsh corgi for me! i think its the bat ears and stumpy legs.
Its also good that we're all dog lovers. =)
November 20, 2009   10:44 PM PST
totally agree with Queen of Books $ Good Food! u ARE demoting urself too much! from now on u are banned from using the word 'dull' on urself! rawr!

dachshunds are cute! then again i like dogs so i'd say any dog is adorable haha..but my personal favourite would have to be the shiba! big furry curled tail and sprightly nature!
Queen of Books & Good Food
November 20, 2009   03:33 PM PST
i totally think u demote urself wayyyyy too much, isaac. the night wouldn't have been the same without u ;)

p.s. i like terriers!
soon seng
November 20, 2009   11:20 AM PST
queen of books and good food: haha.. thanks, but don't tire yourself, ya? *grin*
oh, and yes, your stuff so far is incredibly appealing. Must visit that library of yours, soon. Worry not, satisfaction is at an all time high. =)

nicole: Dull ogre. =)

yeah, the feel-good vibes definely carried on for some time after that.. and daschunds are interesting-looking dogs, don't you think?
November 20, 2009   07:22 AM PST
Great pix and post! But...


C'mon no wayyyy! I ain't buying that! Hahaha..but it was a great night I went home feeling hyper and all and definitely with a smile on my face! =)

U know, I've seen some dachshunds around lately which reminds me of ur criteria lol! *on the lookout* ;)
Queen of Books & Good Food
November 20, 2009   06:48 AM PST
awwww shucks! hahahahah i'm really glad u had fun! *scrolls down backup list for potential soon seng suitors*

just to let u know i'm working hard on behalf of ya ;) lol

drop by my place whenever la. i got a few loaded bookcases.

borrowing limit: nada.

late return fees: zilch.

satisfaction guaranteed (?): as much as i hope they can provide ;)

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