Killing the Unkillable Fish, and Other Stories...
Saturday, February 20, 2010

soon seng
February 28, 2010   11:59 PM PST
liping: i'm supposed to install lights! Already have the stuff, but just need to get it done, haha..

jolyn: yes, i feel bad for them too.. =( will treat the next pair better, don't worry..
February 26, 2010   10:28 AM PST
Poor Fish.. ^^
February 23, 2010   02:28 PM PST
old man fishing looks more like old man tfk-ing hahahahaah pls get him a "rod" soon.

i think the damn fishes just got too used to having O2 in their water. or maybe they couldn't take the stress of migration. oh well, dont give up yet!

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