Yen's Birthday @ I Love You Shabu Shabu, Puchong
Sunday, March 21, 2010

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September 21, 2012   01:47 PM PDT
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September 13, 2012   04:55 PM PDT
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September 12, 2012   01:09 PM PDT
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August 25, 2012   02:02 AM PDT
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April 5, 2012   11:50 PM PDT
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August 5, 2011   04:16 PM PDT
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June 15, 2011   02:59 PM PDT
thanks for making the pattern available so quickly. hmmm, maybe i can re-prioritize some projects. who am i fooling? i'm going to go buy more yarn. :)
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October 21, 2010   04:17 AM PDT
Food looks delicious, I always loved asian food, one of my favorites.
April 13, 2010   10:18 PM PDT
lol ~ thats is my uncle's and his friend shop... when holiday i work there as part time
March 29, 2010   07:04 PM PDT
omg same top ahahahah yen u rock!
soon seng
March 27, 2010   01:30 PM PDT
Yen: haha.. i noticed it when i was making your card... and then when i saw you wear red again, i couldn't resist.. =)

anyway, my pleasure! yes, yes, we shall meetup soon.

Lynn: Aw, I LOVE YOU TOO! and you ARE remembered, so its not me being nice... =)

most likely Taipan McDs., at 10.00 pm. See you there!

Lauren: *see reason above. Actually, apparently can just bring something pink, they'll also give you the discount. but we dem semangat wan.
Lauren Foo
March 23, 2010   12:43 PM PDT
haha why ss so observant one! maybe yen thinks her bday is cny that;s why must wear red colour every year =P

lynn: haha it's a top! i scared that fella colour blind then dont give me extra scoop that's why wear extra pink. but then we din go BR in the end T_____T
March 23, 2010   04:44 AM PDT

u always make me feel remembered, why u so nice T_______T

ok this weekend meet up. what time and where?

and lauren's dress is so pink, she deserves 3 scoops for the price of 1!
March 22, 2010   12:25 AM PDT
oh no! it's not only the same colour for the last 3 birthdays. but for 2 of the bdays i was wearing the exact same top. omgomg shy ahhaha. how did you notice it btw?

anyway thanks for coming <3
this weekend meet up k.

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