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Monday, January 31, 2011

September 26, 2012   06:53 AM PDT
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September 15, 2011   03:39 PM PDT
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August 19, 2011   10:51 AM PDT
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August 16, 2011   08:24 PM PDT
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July 29, 2011   09:14 AM PDT
When everyone found to think about inside the non-Aristotelian kinds of quantum specialists, our planet may adjust consequently considerably that lots of related to that which you telephone "stupidity" in addition to a large amount of that which you consider "insanity" might disappear, as well as the "intractable" issues related to fight, low income in addition to injustice may suddenly seem a great deal closer to in order to solution.
soon seng
February 1, 2011   09:34 PM PST
[karen]: hey there, thanks!
whoops. noted, and amended.
February 1, 2011   07:13 PM PST
Hey soonseng!! Nice writeup!

I think that first photo up there is Jason though. Not Mark. =)

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